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Super Star is more than just essential oil based products. It's an opportunity to improve your quality of life.  Derived from the source that replenishes life itself, these revolutionary products are about changing the course of life as we have known it. The beginning of a legacy is being created right before our very eyes.


Ozell L. Banks II founded Super Star Products in 2015. With a firm commitment to improving the quality of life for the world by providing unparalleled health care and beauty products. Our fast acting, deep penetrating, great smelling topical pain eliminator  effectively introduced the masses to a pain free life without shots, pills, surgery or side effects. Choosing to follow the lead of the great Dr. George Washington Carver and provide a viable medium to deliver herbs that can assist in the healing of the body. Super Star Products has invested a large amount of time, effort, and resources into perfecting our formulas to deliver extremely high quality products to you our consumers. Our pain eliminating products are applied topically and penetrate through the dermis epidermis and fatty tissue even adding moisture to the cartilage between the joints. Utilizing our products allows our customers to reap extreme internal benefits. The technology that we have unlocked allows us to use the highest quality natural ingredients while implementing a  modernized approach of adding a naturally fragrant twist to the aroma of the products. Alas, you don’t have to walk around smelling like a medicine cabinet. You can look beautiful, feel extraordinary and smell terrific with Super Star

 Let's not forget about the ingredients. At Super Star Products we ensure that your safety is priority one. That is why we use only the finest therapeutic grade essential oils that have been cultivated and derived in a painstaking process to ensure that ultimate purity and therapeutic effectiveness is experienced when dispersed in the prescribed manner. It is our utmost pleasure to serve you in all capacities. So allow us to help you  look beautiful, feel extraordinary and smell terrific. Always remember that Super Star is more than just a name its a lifestyle.